Yasuko's books


- Curry -
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
352 pages

This book features curry from 18 different countries from India to Indonesia.

And yes, such thing as "Japanese curry" exists!
Yasuko cooked three Japanese curry dishes;
Katsu Curry (Mild vegetable curry with deep fried pork cutlet), Curry Rice (One of the most popular dish at Japanese homes) and Curry Soba noodle (Backwheat noodle in curry and hot dashi broth, divine!).

Even for the people who never dream to cook curry at home, this book gives very fascinating insight into how each country adapted curry into their diet.

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- Sushi! -
Publisher: Running Press
96 pages

Sushi is usually categorised in four distinctive styles : Nigiri (hand moulded), Chirashi (salad style), Makimono (rolled) , Oshi-zushi (compressed).

I created 55 quite innovative recipes including lots of variations from these four and beyond. Coming up with unusual combination on ingredients and recipes was a load of fun!

Recipes including: Canapé Sushi, Sakura Nigiri, Ten-Maki (Tempura roll)

Unfortunately, this book is out of print at the moment and I happened to know that some cookery book collectors are after a copy. I have some spare copies at my hand. Contact me if you are interested.

japanesefood_cooking gourmand-s

- Japanese Food and Cooking -
Publisher: Anness
256 pages

This is my very first effort.
Co-authored with Emi Kazuko, a great Japanese food writer and it received the Best Asian Cookery Book title by prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

I developed and wrote the whole recipes that cover almost all traditional favourites at Japanese homes.

Writing this book made me realise how little about the Japanese home cooking is known outside Japan except Sushi and Tempura.

I've been trying to seize any opportunity to introduce Japanese home food with easy-to-follow recipe for non-Japanese ever since.

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